Distance-based tolling is the way we

keep moving forward.


Loudoun is a great place to live. In fact, just about the only complaint neighbors have about the county is the traffic. The Dulles Greenway helps drivers get from point A to point B – and transitioning the Greenway to a distance-based tolling model would mean you only pay for the portion you actually use.  For those driving the full length of the road, tolls would be capped so no one pays more than they do today.

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Why Now?

Despite public consensus, prior attempts to introduce distance-based tolling on the Greenway have failed. Loudoun residents and regional business owners have long supported plans to lower the tolls – and there’s a renewed focus on making this plan a reality.

Distance-based tolling is the key to unlocking reductions that make the Greenway more accessible and appealing to drivers – particularly those who use it for just a few miles.

Distance-based tolling would allow drivers to pay for tolls the same way they do everywhere else in the region. And with more people willing to take the Greenway, drivers will be able to get where they’re going faster, with less congestion on nearby roadways and more seamless regional travel.

More About the Greenway


When the Greenway opened 25 years ago, a private toll road was a bit of a novelty in Northern Virginia. Today, toll roads have become commonplace and play an important role in keeping traffic moving in and around the region. The Greenway is committed to helping make Loudoun a better place to live, work and raise a family and has:


  • Saved drivers an average of one hour and 20 minutes per week during peak travel times
  • Contributed $4 million+ to Loudoun charities, including Loudoun Hunger Relief and the Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter
  • Worked to protect and preserve Goose Creek
  • Delivered cash-back bonus checks to frequent users through a VIP Miles Frequent Rider Program


As a proud and integral part of the regional transportation network, the Greenway continues to improve the community and quality of life through transport. See what drivers are saying here.

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